Novels and Poetry

Getting Off the Treadmill

Are you bored with your present life?  Enjoy Jeanne’s venture into a world of excitement (working for the FBI instead of teaching) and danger (escaping from murderers and alligators).  Share her fears when she discovers she’s taken the wrong risks.  Share her joy in finding some risks are worth it.  Maybe she’ll inspire you to want to change your life by meeting new people, going to new places, or setting a new goal.  Looking for a publisher.  Tempted by e-publishing.

The Inheritance of Ku

3,000 years ago.  Pirates abounded.  So did earthquakes, plagues, droughts and storms on the East end of the Mediterranean.  Political chaos was rampant.  It was the end of the bronze age and the beginning of the iron age.  Padrai is twenty.  His father charges him to escape from the pirates on the Black Sea; sail to Egypt with his seven trading ships and his wife; and acquire skilled workers in order to establish a new trading town in the safety of the West.  Sword fights, marauding pirates destroying towns, a mistress, and the Pharaoh Ramses II all teach Padrai how to be a leader.  History describes his sea battle against the pirates on the pharaoah’s temple.  The first draft is done.  In a couple of months I’ll be looking for a beta reader.

Imploding to Reality

A book of poetry published in Nicaragua.  Has a first section of poems musing about an individual’s existential situation, and a second section with many of my reactions to the world.   Check your local library.


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