Posted by: cmegge00 | July 8, 2012


Once I asked a bunch of people “What is Time?”  Then I wrote a series of poems inspired by their answers.  It amazed me how their different personalities, professions and world views inspired such a variety of answers.  Some gave scientific definitions.  Some thought time was a treasure not be wasted.  Some thought that time is a destructive force.  One person thought time is nothing but your accumulation of memories.  Very poetic.  Several answers, however, revolved around the idea that time is not important because attempts to control or measure it are futile.  The assumption is that people who worry about time have a miserable life and therefore are not free.

Of course, those people who want freedom from worry know that they can’t be free of the march of time.  What they mean is that they don’t want to control themselves.  It is too much trouble to set priorities or goals for themselves.  They are right.  Why should they set rules for their own behavior if it isn’t necessary?

Well that’s not the answer for me.  I have a goal:  To write well enough to get noticed and published by a traditional publisher.  To me, time is a treasure.  It is a limited treasure.  Everyone gets the same amount and once it’s gone it’s gone.  I can’t even save it to use later.  So I shall spend as much of it as I choose on my goal.

Time is a priority.  I have enough time for anything, so long as it is high enough among my priorities. My decision makes me happy, and gives me self-respect.  I hope you respect your decisions about time.


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