Posted by: cmegge00 | January 29, 2012

Introvert/Extrovert by Carol J. Megge

Hello World,

A new book by Susan Cain, Quiet,  talks about extroverts vs. introverts.  It explains that people who react very sensitively to the world when they are babies often become introverts as they grow.  They need to chew on their actions before they join the rest of the world.  They watch and think before they act.  It’s no surprise to me that writers are often introverts.  Hallelujah!  I’m a writer.

Introvert or extrovert, we each have our own world view.  On this blog I expect to lay out my thoughts about how my world view affects my writing.  I will enjoy the freedom to say what makes me write what I write.  On this blog I will have no fear of your words, as you will have no fear of mine.  Talk to you again, Carol.


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